Social Media Automation

Publish to your social channels as often as you like with the ease of a click. Drop in your content once and we’ll take care of the rest.

Run social campaigns together

Plan and execute social-first campaigns with your team without the hassle of sharing drives, emails or endless Slack threads.

Easy Campaign Approvals

We understand every industry has its own approval requirements. Get easy outputs from ReachKit in seconds to get company approvals for campaign drafts.

Build your content library

Create a library of scheduled/published posts and media without ever losing sight of winning flagpole content for future re-use.

Reschedule flagpole content

Avoid content silos and wasted time on trying to pull up old content that needs to be rescheduled. Use our tools to easily and quickly re-schedule high performing content.

Be delighted

Every feature of ReachKit is visually crafted with care, and we think this is important. A heavy use tool should be a delight to use for all team members

Ready-to-post Templates

Need prompts and ideas for new posts? We've got templates that cover every part of your content goals - from awareness to consideration.

Connect to Instagram

Instagram Publishing

Quickly and easily publish your content and media to your Instagram followers. Keep track of their engagement metrics and insights afterwards.

ReachKit has partnered with Instagram, which means you don’t need a mobile app to publish your single image posts.

Connect to Facebook

Facebook Publishing

Post to your Facebook Page with absolute ease and peace of mind. Our tools allow you to quickly and easily publish your content, images and video to Facebook.

We’ll also keep track of all your visitors likes, reactions, comments and shares for the lifetime of the post.

Connect to Twitter

Twitter Publishing

Use ReachKit to Tweet your most profound thoughts, upcoming hot deals or even your favourite Dad Jokes. Don’t forget GIFs, too.

Once your Tweets are out in the world we’ll keep an eye on your engagement metrics, too, so you can analyse how well your tweets are performing

Connect to LinkedIn

LinkedIn Publishing

Connect your ReachKit account to your LinkedIn Company and enjoy posting the same content you’re using on your other social accounts.

As always, we’ll keep a record of and report on your LinkedIn post engagement metrics after publication.

Track & Analyze Engagement Insights

Your posts have been published, but our job isn’t done yet! Now, for the lifetime of the post, we’ll frequently and diligently keep a record of your post’s engagement insights.

Your likes, comments, shares or any other valuable engagement metric the respective platform makes available will be at your fingertips. Use this data to analyse your performance on an individual post or campaign level.

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