Static Landing Pages

Create landing pages from your best performing social content. Drop in, customise and deploy on our global, lightning-fast content delivery network.

Recycle your social content

Don't let your popular social content go to waste. Re-use it to drive landing page traffic and boost your SEO.

Highly optimised for speed

Don't just take our word for it, take Google's. Our landing pages achieve a 99% PageSpeed score. Good for your SEO and your visitor's experience.

Global, lightning-fast content delivery network

Your landing pages will be served to your users at the edge of our global CDN. Wherever they are in the world, they get your page fast.

Customizable content and SEO

You have complete control over your content, including open graph data and metadata for each page.

Statically generated, statically served

Our landing pages are statically generated and served, which means they get to your users as fast as possible.

Simple building blocks

Putting your pages together is easy with our preset list of available building blocks. Worry about your content, not design.

Recycle your social content

Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn.

Quickly and easily add chunks of your social content to your pages. Our first class integrations make it easy to pick and choose which social content to use in your page.

You can import content from your socials regardless of whether you used ReachKit to publish it!

Once you've imported your social content, you can tweak and customize to your page's needs.

Highly optimised for speed

Speed. And more speed.

Speed is important. From time to setup to time to paint on screen.

With SEO in mind, we've ensured our static landing pages are as fast as possible to get you the rankings you deserve.

All of our pages are statically served, which means there's no on-demand, computationally expensive server generating your page when a visitor requests it. Your page is prebuilt and shipped to your visitor right away.

Coupling this with our globally distributed edge location content delivery network which always serves your page from a server closest to your visitor, you can rest assured both your visitors and search engines will be happy.

Customizable building blocks

Composable building blocks

You don't need to be a web designer to build your pages.. we've done the hard work for you!

Mixing and matching our customizable building blocks to create the perfect page for you is a breeze.

Hero sections, social posts, social channels, testimonials, blog/news feeds.. it's all there waiting for you to get started right away.

Build and deploy custom, static pages in seconds

Once you're done maximizing the potential of your content, you wouldn't want something as pesky as deployment to stand in your way. With just a single button click, your page will be online in seconds.

While we're busy serving up your page at breakneck speeds, we'll ensure to track visitor engagement, too. You can view and analyze everything from unique visits to how many times someone clicked your favourite button.

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