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5 Things the Best Media Marketers Always Do For Their Team

After more than a decade of working with marketing teams, I can safely say that a great social media marketer is the glue that holds a marketing team together

After more than a decade of working with marketing teams, I can safely say that a great social media marketer is the glue that holds a marketing team together. They are the true brand spokespeople who engage with their audiences day in and day out, bringing each brand value, learning, product, promo and more - that much closer to the right crowds. They know when something resonates instantly, and they know when something doesn’t find any takers. Support them and you’ll have a marketing team in touch with reality every single day.

From working with these legends, I’ve learned that a select few really have a finger on the pulse of what people like. At the same time, none of this is a coincidence or lucky virality. So what makes them and their brilliant content tick? Here are some learnings from the best in the field:

01. Research, research and more research

A good social media marketer will know what’s relevant on social media. A great social media marketer will know what’s relevant everywhere - and understand what that means to your brand across each platform on social media. They will study your industry and market for clues about written content, visual styles, conversation approaches and so much more.

How to spot them: They’re always curious about understanding what your product’s world inside out - and will never start a new project without getting the lay of the land.

02. They completely absorb your business model and strategy

The best social media marketers always know that to position your content and profiles online, they need to understand what’s at stake. They’ll start with a deep dive about how you make money, who your highest paying customers are and why they come back to you. They will ask you questions about who your top competitors are and what they do well or not. They will want to know how quickly you can react to social media feedback and they’ll want to know how to answer support questions without relying heavily on any customer success teams.

How to spot them: If a social media marketer’s first words to you are: “who are your power users and why do they care about you?” or some version of it, you’ve hit the jackpot.

03. They work with your entire team

Exceptional social media marketers understand that each member of your marketing team is an asset for content creation. They make sure to regularly check in with each team member from the search engine marketer to the email specialist, even product marketing managers and founders. They stop at nothing to ensure that they capture the entirety of your brand’s voice and message.

How to spot them: If your new social media marketer insists on being there for marketing and product team meets, you’ve found a legend.

04. They get the importance of branding - like really get it

Great social media marketers understand how powerful branding is for your social media content. And this isn’t restricted to design and visual graphics. They’ll dive deep into brand positioning and messaging - using every angle of your brand’s style and tone to capture your desired audience’s interest.

I’ve always noticed that the best social media marketers can work wonders when supported by copywriters, graphic designers and video creators. Many of these gifted people can create beautiful content all by themselves.

How to spot them: If you don’t have a brand kit and your new social media marketer offers to put a playbook together for positioning and tone, that’s your unicorn.

05. They know exactly which metric to chase for success

Social media insights can tell you a lot about how people are consuming your content but the truly great social magicians can break it down to just one or two metrics. If your product is in the early stages of building brand awareness, they may suggest impressions and engagement.

If your product is driving hard toward building a user-base, they will suggest click throughs to your website assets for signups. If your product is focusing heavily on retention, they’ll suggest comments and DMs as the best metrics to show engagement with a follower base largely made up of your users.

If all of these metrics are important to you, they’ll create a content mix that targets different KPIs in batches and campaign. They get your numbers and want to support them rather than just chase awareness without context.

How to spot them: If they’re keen to understand your KPIs and see how they can support them, you’ve got the right person for the job.

The common thread: a 360 degree view of brand experience

Where average social media marketers dish out content, a great social media marketer makes it meaningful. They get into your brand’s psyche and become the brand spokespeople who can help out any other team member in a pinch.

They understand how to articulate product features into engaging content that answers user pain points - and they do this while wielding brand colours and fonts. Why wouldn’t you keep them by your side forever? I know I’ve always benefitted from working with brilliant social media marketers and I hope you’ve found your magicians too.


Sasha Gusain

June, 2020

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5 things the best social media marketers always do for their teams

After more than a decade of working with marketing teams, I can safely say that a great social media marketer is the glue that holds a marketing team together.


Sasha Gusain

June, 2020

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